imos iX 2021

Available from October 2021. We have summarized the highlights for you!


Bundled design functions

In the user interface, you will find the Article Designer combined with the Object Designer and the Part Designer as “iX Designer”.

iX Designer

  • Complete integration of article, object and part designer in CAD  
  • Simple/intuitive operation via icons in iXplorer
  • Editing of articles possible without interruption
  • Isolation of the article to be defined / edited possible
  • Live feedback by working directly in the planning process
  • Direct dimensioning option
  • Functional extension in the area of “Studs” supports (stringers) incl. various edits

New XML encoding

  • Make catalog data secure and protect against theft
  • Option: XML integrated into database instead of easily accessible folder structure
  • Option to hide and encrypt database given


Improved drawing automation

  • Clear workflow with editable, customizable drawing output
  • Add and edit views
  • Consideration of free-standing furniture
  • Create and edit worktop and installation plans
  • Edit and define layout output

Extended article positioning

  • Easy editing of the article through context menu before final positioning: spacing, stretch, rotation, multi copy / multiple insert.
  • Simplified planning of complex circumstances: Angles, corners, etc. can be better taken into account
  • Create virtual walls: For large-area planning, planning lines can be defined as virtual walls in the 2D area and snapping is enabled

Revised order status in the local system

  • Responsible users, statuses and localities can be generated
  • Automatic assignment of users and localities
  • Status partially automated
  • Higher transparency

New catalog data protection

  • Make catalog data secure and protect against theft
  • Option: XML integrated into database instead of easily accessible folder structure
  • Option to hide and encrypt database given


Optimized workflow

Copying stations now works across workflows. Details subordinate to the stations can also be copied within a workflow.

Improved performance

Multithreading enables the distribution of the workload. For example, data generation can be distributed across several (max. four) cores – the result: data is generated twice as fast.

iX Connect

Direct networking

imos has developed a software component for users of the desktop-oriented CAD/CAM application imos iX CAD that acts as an interface to make the integration of such services simple. As an integrated component of the iX Organizer, iX Connect handles both the communication of imos iX CAD with the cloud and the checking of access and usage authorizations as well as the exchange of relevant data. imos iX CAD users can thus easily add services to the functional scope of their software and make their manufacturing process more convenient without having to access many individual programs.

Available services

The first service that can be integrated into imos iX CAD via the cloud is intelliDivide from HOMAG. The digital assistant is just one of many digital products made available by the HOMAG Group via its industry platform tapio. intelliDivide takes the cutting lists generated from CAD, determines the appropriate cutting optimization for the components in just a few moments and transfers the data to the saw. The optimization result can be controlled according to different criteria and calculates either the handling by the machine operator, the waste, the material costs, the time required or a balanced solution.


Speed up room planning

  • Clear user guidance with assigned order
  • Step by step navigation
  • Faster operation and little need for explanation
  • Accelerated article placement and generation
  • Drag & drop placement without loading time in standardized previews
  • Surfaces, handles and design features are loaded and exchanged in the background
  • No more waiting time, direct and faster planning enabled